Margherita Capuccini Belloni -  R-umore

R-umore is a research project that brings to light the relationship between myself and the sounds that daily surround me. I have chosen this topic because of a strong personal interest towards my aural perception of the world and the need to examine it also through the creation of new songs. I have always been curious about understanding how the mind can create new key sequences and improvisations. I think one possible answer lies in the interaction between our auditory everyday life and the mood. For two months I have collected sounds, emotions and environmental data six times per day. Afterwards I have analyzed and visually translated the material related to one month according to an alphabet of symbols that has been created while listening to the records made. The result are 30 hand drawn pamphlets that narrate my experience through multiple visual languages. They are an archive, an experience that I offer to an open public, through the reading of the diary together with the listening of the recorded material, to reflect upon our everyday auditory life.

Mark Ballora - Spaghetti of Storms - an installation of tropical storm data sonifications

This is an installation currently in place at Penn State's Earth and Mineral Science Museum. A kiosk is outfitted with 5 sets of headphones. There is a single computer screen. A graphical interface allows users to choose from a list of storms to be shown as a satellite video, Google earth map, and sonification. An alternate screen allows users to learn how the sound parameters are mappings of the data. Another screen, expected to be in place by June 2017, will show a video that traces all tropical storms occurring throughout the year 2005, with sonifications of each trace.

Benjamin Andrew - Story Scores

This experiment creates original music based on story maps for popular films. Graphical depictions of plot, character arcs, and dramatic tension will be transposed to variables like frequency, amplitude, and changes in melody. Alongside these data-driven musical compositions, the process will be reversed to draw story maps based on existing musical pieces, exploring the structural shapes of music and fiction through translation.

Ridwan Khan and Myounghoon Jeon - #416: Real-Time Tweet  Sonification for Remembrance of the Sewol Ferry

There was a tragic accident of sinking a ferry in Korea three years ago. We aim to remember this tragedy together to support people who lost their family in the accident and let more people know about it for prompt resolution of this matter. Korean artists and scholars have tried to show their support for family by performances and writings. In the same line, we have created a real-time tweet sonification program using “#416”, the date of the tragedy. The text of tweets including #416 is translated into the Morse code and sonified in real-time.

Eric Vasey, Byungjoo Noh, Tejin Yoon and Myounghoon Jeon -
Sonically-Enhanced Smart Exercise Application Using a Wearable Sensor

The Smart Exercise application is an Android application paired with a wearable Bluetooth IMU sensor that is designed to provide real-time auditory and visual feedback on a user’s body motion, while simultaneously collecting kinematic data on their performance. The application aims to help users improve physical and cognitive function, improve users’ motivation to exercise, and to give researchers and physical therapists access to accurate data on their participants’ or patients’ performance and completion of their exercises without the need for expensive additional hardware.

Teresa Marie ConnorsCathedral

Cathedral is one of a series of non-linear audiovisual installation projects resulting from a creative research practice I call Ecological Performativity. This is a mode of practice that considers—in act and thought—the context and formative creative process, and the resulting artifacts, as a responsive embodiment of larger structures of phenomena. Developed out of audiovisual material captured in the Sequoia National Tree Park located in the southern Sierra Nevada, USA, this work uses computer vision and sonification to create an immersive choral experience.

Antonio D’Amato Une rencontre

τὸ ἀντίξουν συμφέρον καὶ ἐκ τῶν διαφερόντων καλλίστην ἁρμονίαν καὶ πάντα κατ' ἔριν γίνεσθαι
What opposes unites, and the finest attunement stems from things bearing in opposite directions, and all things come about by strife.

μεταβάλλον ἀναπαύεται
It rests by changing.

ξυνὸν γὰρ ἀρχὴ καὶ πέρας ἐπὶ κύκλου περιφερείας
Concerning the circumference of a circle the beginning and the end are common.

 - Herakleitos of Ephesos Fragments 8, 84 and 103

Une rencontre (2013) is intended as a “virtuoso” piece where short vocal samples are deeply processed together with acoustic instruments samples and synthesized elements in order to achieve or at least tending toward a total fusion of these elements. It is not just a mixing work, but instead it is the fusion of more sound objects in one, mainly through convolution algorithms. In this way I especially researched for a spectral merging of voice and acoustic or electronic instruments.

The goal is to attempt forcing the merging of communicative strengths coming from not homogeneous sources into a single flux. 

I intentionally propose an artificial procedure where the allocation of formantic regions is extracted from audio samples of singing voices, and subsequently superimposed to audio samples of traditional acoustic instruments or even to synthesized sounds. The original formants of the acoustic and synthesized sounds have been partly preserved in some moments, while the formants coming out from voices have been added or sometimes have replaced them, therefore in few points an overload of harmonics has been deliberately caused in order to experiment an emphasis of the expressive strength and emotional communication of the resulting timbre. The work involves also the use of other DSP processes throughout: selective spectrum saturation, resonant notch bank filtering, multiple delays, and distortion. In some isolated moments the output of a process is injected in a granularization module, in order to achieve a subtle and mutant texture.

The title reveals the aesthetic sense of the work, where a relevant meeting can be not just an encounter, but also the occasion for a mutual exchange, therefore everything and the whole of the world are in continuous transformation, by means of mutual confrontation. In this way a symmetric duality established in any action involving a mutation: the acting subject that changes an object is reciprocally transformed by the object itself.